Excellence in electronic assembly services using cutting-edge technologies.

Excellence in cable and electro-mechanical assembly services.


High-speed, automated discrete wire assembly that rivals offshore and over-border manufacturing. Measure, cut, strip, retain, crimp, terminate, print and test up to 4,000 terminations an hour. Computerized smart system for repeatability and easy job coordination. Quick and easy set up also accomodates high mix, low volume assembly. Buy American at offshore prices!

Electric and Air-Powered Equipment

In addition to the powerful Ampometer, we carry Amp/Tyco, Panduit, Molex, ITW, 3M, autosplice, izumi, Elpress and Artos hand presses and applicators to meet most crimping needs.

Schleuniger® Equipment

Walker Cable Assembly Services has invested in a variety of industry-leading Schleuniger equipment for automated and precise wire cutting and stripping of both flat and round cables, including coaxial.

Hydraulic and Electric Cutters

Working with all sizes of cables, we have equipment capable of cutting up to 6” in diameter.

Cable Handling Equipment

Larger industrial cables require heavy duty cable handling systems. Walker Cable Assembly Services has de-spoolers that will handle up to 6 ton spools.

Hand Tools

For low volume and hand-made assemblies, Walker Cable Assembly Services has over 250 hand tools in its arsenal used by talented and experienced craftsmen and women.

CAD 2010

Walker Cable Assembly Services uses CAD 2010, a leading technology to produce the best quality in black/white and color drawings and product prints.

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Safe Workstations

Our manufacturing plant is set up with designated ESD safe workstations and anti-static floor treatment.

Testing Equipment

Walker Cable Assembly Services has standard industry pull testing equipment, as well as, customized testing devices engineered by our experienced technicians for single and multi-deck potentiometers. We also have the powerful Stereo Dynascope® magnification system for microscopic sight inspections.

Heat Shrink Technologies

We have in-house, automated equipment for printing and cutting heat shrink and labels by Texit, Tyco, Panduit, Cab, and Novexx; including bar coding.

Installation Inserts

Installations inserts can be done both manually and pneumatically.

Looms and Sleeving

Split or enclosed, plastic, braided and spiral wrap for a variety of harness and loom assembly.

Potting Techniques

For assemblies requiring it, we are experienced with many types of epoxy, silicone, and PU.


Walker Cable Assembly Services works with well established overmolding partners to provide this technology and service wherever requested.

Flat Cable Notching Capabilities

0.100 to 0.156 flat cable, end or middle, variable lengths and distances are notched by our specialized in-house equipment.

Soldering and Tinning Capabilities

Standard and lead-free.

Packaging and Kitting Capabilities

Bagging, stapling, heat sealing, ESD packaging, blister packs, standard or custom boxes, and customer specific requirements.

Milling and Drilling

Box and enclosure modifications – all in-house.

Riveting Capabilities

Hand and air-hydraulic riveting available.

Zero defect products and services. Total commitment to continuous improvement.